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Located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, we provide website design and hosting services to small businesses. Our websites are designed to be remarkably easy to maintain, yet provide all the functionality you require.

What makes us different than our competitors? Project Management. With over 24 years of experience managing information technology projects we know what it takes to implement a websystem. We listen carefully to your needs and respond with a honest and realistic price and timeline.

What We Offer

We offer a full line of services, including e-commerce, content management websites, network management, computer repair, virus removal, wireless network integeration, graphic design and various other computer related services. Please visit our sister company, McLAN Computing, for more information on all of our services.

Please feel free to click on any of the images in the slideshow to visit the live site of the customers we support.

News and Information

Recently Microsoft released Windows 10, Version 1703 (March 2017) and overall the release seems to be a positive update. A few things you will notice right out of the gate is if you use Internet Explorer instead of Edge, there is now an Edge tab in the Internet Explorer tabs. You can turn this off if you do not like it, see our Tips to learn how.

The second biggest change is dealing with the VPN connections. As most are familiar with the orignial process for connecting to a VPN, Windows 10 VPN connection would open a window and force you to select the VPN connection again and the click connect. This was a major change from Windows 7. Well now in Update 1703, the original method to connect to a VPN has been restored. You can click your network icon and from the menu that pops up click the connection and then connect. This is a 5-star change in my book!

My least favorite change is on the Start Menu context menu (right-click on Start). For some reason Microsoft decided we no longer need the Control Panel on this menu. Hmmmmmm, one must really wonder why? What could that have possibly hurt to leave it there. To be honest, unless you are a computer geek you probably did not even know about the context menu anyway! They also added a few things like "Apps and Features" and the "Mobility Center". The Mobility Center is a little gadget like program that will let you quickly control volume, brightness, battery settings, etc. Overall I am pleased with the update (although it did take 90 minutes to update on an I7 processor with 8GB RAM and a 1TB SSD). If you would like to read all the specifics about this update, Microsoft has provided a detail review of the changes here.

Don't know which version you are running? Press Windows + R and type winver in the box and press enter. A box will popup and tell you the version of Windows you currently have installed.

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